Eggs, tomatoes, and cheese for brunch ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

14 May 2007

Eggs, tomatoes, and cheese for brunch

This sunday Joann came over and we had yet another brunch. Brunch! Brunch is clearly an excellent plan for any and all sundays. This one lasted eight hours and included riesling and serious weeding involving shovels and a trip to REI and Wii tennis and eventually even dinner. Gracious! I even made scrambled eggs properly for once, and stirred them throughout the entire cooking time to make them creamy and delicious. I think they were the best eggs I've ever made. In fact, everything was so good that I completely forgot to take pictures until we were almost totally done. You can see a picture of the cheese!

That's a yogurt gouda and a goat cheese edged in herbs. Dairy goodness!

The real queen of deliciousness for the morning, however, was the extremely easy and effortless tomato salad Joann made.

first of the season's edible tomatoes
olive oil
white wine vinegar
that's it.

Get some tomatoes, wash them, and cut them into fourths. Toss them with some olive oil and vinegar. Eat them on top of your eggs. Eat them on toast. Eat them with a fork. Whatever.

I personally spent quite a lot of time spreading whacks of aforementioned goat cheese on untoasted sourdough, topping them with tomato, and eating everything immediately, before the bread got all soggy. When the tomatoes were done, I sopped the leftover bread in the leftover dressing and seepy juice. It really makes me want to make an actual bread pudding or strata, with good bread and goat cheese and tomato and oil and vinegar baked together until the bread is tomatoey and soft on the bottom yet crispy at the top, and the goat cheese has turned golden and melty, and the tomatoes have accomplished the exact fragrant collapse that all good tomatoes aspire to.