Gross tea. ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

21 May 2007

Gross tea.

You would think that the new blooming flower ridiculous gourmet teas would have something to offer besides the fascination of unfolding gradually in water.

This one, however, tasted like rotting vegetables. Very pretty rotting vegetables, but rotting vegetables nonetheless. I guess you could use it for a centerpiece if you like that kind of thing. I, however, chucked it and made a fresh cup of green tea from the 3-language $2.99 100-pack.

It reminds me of a joke John and I have about a tiny coffee gremlin who waddles around carrying a huge styrofoam cup of coffee, so big it comes past its knees, and hissing "EGG MCMUFFIN...GREASY HASHBROWNS...GROSS COFFEE." Then it sticks its tongue just barely over the lip of the cup and slurps tiny gross rivulets of the gross coffee down.