More frozen grapefruit business ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

07 March 2008

More frozen grapefruit business

So we still have at least half of the grapefruit sorbet business, which actually without the machine turned out more like a granita. I've been eating it a couple spoonfuls of a time, since it's too pungent for an entire bowl. What should I do with the rest of it? I should put it in a glass and pour a slug of gin on top of it! Everyone loves a frozen drink, especially in nice only semi-frigid March. Yes.

If you add salt, it's even a frozen salty dog. That might play havoc with the texture, though.

Gin & juice slush

grapefruit granita
a glass

Pack as much granita as possible into a glass. Seriously, tamp it down; the gin will change its freezing point and make it into a slushy liquid. Add an appropriate amount of gin for your size of glass. I had a tiny rocks glass, so I added maybe half a shot of gin. Stir it up and examine the texture, then add more gin or granita if necessary.


You can clearly use vodka for such a thing as well. You could also use a reasonable white wine that plays well with citrus, or even some plain orange juice. Any kind of granita or sorbet would be fine too. I would be pretty happy with nearly any combination I can think of; what about cherry granita with limeade?

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