0% fried ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

02 April 2008

0% fried

Here's what brunch looks like while I'm recovering from sick:

I really wanted to make the spring tonic from last spring, especially since we now have an immersion blender that can actually puree this kind of thing. So I did. The only problem was lack of dill. Also lack of plain yogurt to shovel over the top. Neither of these were insurmountable.

Then I made toast and boiled a four minute egg. The egg went on toast with salt and pepper.

Then I ate it.

The reason we have parsley and no dill:

Last year I transplanted a potted parsley plant into the backyard, where it eventually bolted and seeded. Then I ripped the whole thing out of the ground, brought it inside and shook all the seeds out of it. I've tried to start parsley (and all the other herbs) in the backyard beds several times with no luck. So of course the two plants that actually grew were from accidental seeds that fell and landed in the cracks of the patio. Now they're each more than a foot across.

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