JUICE ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

25 April 2008


So here's what I wish I'd had in hand every minute of every day for the entire duration of being in New York:

JUICE. It is hot and I want some!

Apparently Naked has come out with this new blue-capped juice series. It is clearly a rollout for summer, shall we say. This watermelon one had some serious lime and mint overtones, excellent for hot thirstings. Then the other day I had a peach mangosteen one that was so good I had a couple champagne glasses of it alone instead of in a mimosa. So.

Not to say these aren't excellent mixers, because they are. If I liked vodka at all, I would definitely be making plans for frigid vodka-juice concoctions. They would possibly involve freezing said juice into ice cubes, putting them in the blender with some vodka, and hitting the button.

You know what else they could be good for? Salad dressings. Say you were making a cucumber feta salad: watermelon wants to get in on that. Then you might boil the peach one down into a syrup and pour over ice cream, or on pound cake.

In conclusion, JUICE.

(We also cooked and ate in New York! However, my camera cord is at home, and we are not.)

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