Pre-holiday cleaning out the kitchen food ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

22 December 2008

Pre-holiday cleaning out the kitchen food

I got excited about making myself decent work lunch, since right now I only have to pack one sporadically, and have gotten out of the habit of making one with dinner. This means most of my lunches have been awful. So since that was clearly the wrong answer, I made myself sort of a bento instead.

Lunch bento: "plane sandwich", i.e. mozzarella, hummus, lots of lettuce, pepper, and chopped mushrooms on dark wheat bread. It's called a plane sandwich because John took one (minus the mushrooms) on his flight to Atlanta the other day. Addenda: leaf lettuce, baby carrots, seckel pears, chopped watermelon radish which ultimately was way too spicy to just eat raw.

This was clearly not enough, since it didn't fill up my container, so I made some potato salad too. Chop and boil redskin potatoes; make vinaigrette; toss cooked drained potatoes with vinaigrette. Then wait until they cool to put them in the bento box with the raw lettuce, or everything will wilt and get soggy.

Other food happening:

Cheap college enchilada casserole: mix a can of lardless refried beans with chopped green pepper, onion, and hot pepper. Spice with cumin. Layer in casserole dish: tomato sauce, tortillas, bean mixture, rice, more tomato sauce, grated cheese if you want it. Repeat once. Bake at 325F for a long freaking time, or 350F for a slightly shorter time. It's done when it's hot through and your desired degree of crispiness on top.

Eat as much as possible, then go to sleep.

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