Bread for breakfast ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

13 April 2009

Bread for breakfast

Last week we had a loaf of garlic herb bread from the farmer's market. The time before it was rosemary olive bread. This week it's nine grain. O farmer's market bread, you are awesome, and I will definitely eat you. I ate it all week long.

Toast, butter, cucumber, green tea. Ridiculous tea sandwich for breakfast? Yes please. If only we had a supply of scones and lemon curd to make it all complete.

Toast, hummus, cucumber, salt and pepper. Now I feel like we're getting more into the smørrebrød area, with a more substantial spread and layers of vegetables on top. Real smørrebrød actually does use butter, but I think it's cold butter on cold bread as opposed to melty butter on toast. Anyway.

Hot water: it's the new coffee! Not that I ever drink coffee on weekdays; it's totally an indulgent weekend thing.

Toast, cottage cheese, green onion, pepper. This one radiates the smørrebrød concept even more. If only we had radishes and rye bread.

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