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20 December 2009

You've got it all wrong, you guys

I mean, I know this looks almost identical to the carrot soup from yesterday--but no! No carrots whatever were involved. It is squash!

Yes! We had two acorn squash, legacy of the CSA, hanging out on our counter for weeks. So I hacked them in half, scooped out all the seeds and goo, and proceeded to roast them for Heidi's Thai curry squash soup.

Once I got the squash actually cut in half, this was so easy. The cutting, of course, required serious arm strength and leverage. It probably took ten minutes to get both of them fully dissected. Then they went straight into the oven.

I didn't deviate from the recipe at all, oddly enough. Roasty squash, coconut milk, red curry paste: bang.

I also washed as much goo as possible off the seeds, tossed them with olive oil, salt, pepper, and paprika, and roasted them at 375F. Then I got to throw them over the soup with wild abandon. I also chiffonaded some radicchio for ultimate color/texture contrast.

Verdict: totally thick and rich. The greens were an excellent idea, especially since I wasn't eating anything with it; I had double greens and zero seeds for the next bowl. Copious toast, an actual contrasting satay and honey/vinegared salad, or even summer rolls recommended.

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