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23 April 2010

Perfect breakfast: greens, sriracha, egg

Still, I can live without knowing how to make perfect tofu, at least for now, because I do know how to make this.

Wilted greens, sriracha, fried egg.

olive oil
cabbage and chard/other greens
sriracha sauce
egg (butter optional)

Shred the greens while you warm a little olive oil in a pan appropriate for egg frying. For me, this is a tiny 8-inch nonstick dude; I shredded a huge chunk of green cabbage and a few leaves of chard to fill it to bursting. A finer shred is better here. Add your greens to the pan, along with a pinch of salt. Stir it up and let it cook until the greens are reduced to about half their initial volume. You can also add a bit of water and slap the lid on for steamed greens.

Add sriracha to taste; if you add it nearer the beginning, it will get sweeter and some of the pepper oil will evaporate, but if you add it at the end, it will stay hot and pungent. You can also add some sesame seeds or slivered almonds, if you feel like it.

Make sure the sauce is well mixed in and the leaves are sufficiently wilted, then tip everything out into a bowl.

If the pan doesn't have enough residual oil to fry an egg, add a little bit of butter. Fry your egg, using the steam method. It's just like steaming greens: turn the heat to medium-high, add a little water, and slap the lid on. Leave it for a few minutes before you check the white for required levels of firmness. Since this method makes the heat suffuse the pan, you can get perfectly uniform, solid whites every single time. Knowing this method has totally transformed how I eat eggs. Not kidding.

Ok! When the egg is done, slide it immediately onto your greens. Break the yolk and mix the egg pieces with the greens. Wilted spicy cabbage coated with liquid yolk is one of the finest things.

Eat it all as hot and fast as possible. Do not wait. You remember this is an egg.

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