Toaster ovens = awesome. ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

13 May 2010

Toaster ovens = awesome.

Man, everything I want to talk about lately seems to be either breakfast or noodles. So, in the interest of avoiding a long spate of all-noodle entries, I present: breakfast.

Though in possession of an excellent bag of salad greens, I was in serious want of some croutons. So I grabbed a piece of sourdough, cut it into pieces, and baked them in the toaster oven for about five minutes. No oil, no salt, no addenda of any kind. This produced perhaps the best croutons I've ever had in my life.

Salad: check. Croutons: check. What else?

Three minutes later, that bowl looked like this.

I fried an egg with the steam trick, added some vinaigrette and pepper, and that was it. Awesome breakfast yet again.

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