At the pico, pico de gallo ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

03 August 2010

At the pico, pico de gallo

Once I actually found pinto beans, which for some reason are practically the only bean not stocked in the Milk Pail bulk bins, I made a huge batch of refrieds and we reverted back to our previous taco-eating activities. I am eating tacos every day and they are continually awesome. The whole "living in NYC where very little good Mexican food is available" business seems to have taught me very well.

Combine that with the massive farmer's market and everything is great. The other day, for instance, I brought home (among other things) a big yellow tomato, a red onion, and a handful of jalapeƱos. So I diced up the tomato, peeled and minced a chunk of onion, and minced a jalapeƱo, threw everything together, added a pinch of salt, stirred it up and voila: pico de gallo.

Then it was clearly time for additional tacos. Corn tortillas singed over the gas flame, hot refrieds, pico, and hot sauce at the table. I ate them and they were great.

Now, of course, I have Copacabana irreversibly stuck in my head. WONDERFUL. Link not provided, as I am now personally scarred due to just finding and listening to such. AUGH.

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