Le weekend: white wine with citrus ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

04 March 2011

Le weekend: white wine with citrus

I guess this drink is a little like a white sangria, but it's really only wine and fruit, so it gets its own name. I hereby christen thee "Le weekend." *Smashes wine bottle on edge of table.* Oh, don't worry, it's already empty.

"Le weekend" means "the weekend" in French. I think this is hysterical.

Le weekend

dry white wine, pref sauvignon blanc
good citrus fruit of your choosing

Cut up slices of citrus and distribute among your glasses. Here we have half a clementine plus one wedge of lemon in each glass, which was a nice mix of sweet and sour. Pour in cold wine to cover.

Drink. Gradually eat bits of wine-soaked citrus.

Enjoy your weekend.


Jes said...

Now this is a weekend recipe I can get behind!!

Eileen said...

I'll save one for you next time! Er, metaphorically, unless you happen to be in CA at some point :)