Five minutes to breakfast! ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

29 September 2011

Five minutes to breakfast!

oatmeal with apricots almonds and sesame seedsGet out:
- rolled oats
- salt
- nuts and/or seeds (almonds & sesame seeds here)
- dried fruit (apricots)

Put a couple handfuls of oats and a pinch of salt in a small pot; cover with water. Put it on high heat and cook, stirring occasionally, for about five minutes.

Chop up a handful of nuts and throw them in a little frying pan. Toast over medium heat for two to three minutes, tossing frequently. Add seeds for the last minute of cooking.

Scrape your oatmeal into a bowl. Toss toasted nuts and seeds on top. Slice up some dried fruit (or don't, if you have dried berries) and add them.

Eat with copious tea. Stay full all morning.


Rebecca said...

Yes yes yes!!

Sometimes I toast the oats too before sticking them in the water, for extra nutty-tasting deliciousness. (It takes about the same time for water to come to a boil on my crappy stove as it takes for oats to toast -- hurrah!) Oatmeal with stuff in it is the greatest breakfast.

Eileen said...

I heard something just lately about toasting oats before cooking! Sometime I will have to try it.