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08 August 2012

Fig, mozzarella, and basil sandwich

fig mozzarella and basil sandwich

I bought a pint of figs at the farmer's market this weekend. For the next few days, as I ate the vast majority of them out of hand, here's what I heard.

"You're going to make The Sandwich."
"When are you going to have The Sandwich?"
"Did you make The Sandwich?"

Yes. With the last two figs left in the basket, I made The Sandwich.

The Sandwich consists of figs, mozzarella, and basil on bread toasted and brushed with olive oil. It's a variation on the fig and mozzarella sandwich I first read about on Chocolate and Zucchini in 2004. That means I've been making it for EIGHT YEARS.

It's definitely worth eating one of these every fig season for eight years running. That's all I'm saying.

fig mozzarella and basil sandwich

The Sandwich

bread, preferably sourdough, ciabatta, or sliced baguette
olive oil
ripe black mission figs
mozzarella cheese
fresh basil leaves
freshly ground pepper

Toast your bread lightly by the method of your choice. I use the toaster oven. Did you know we don't own a toaster? FACT.

Brush your bread with a light layer of olive oil. The original recipe has you use pesto, but I tend not to have any on hand. Olive oil works very well.

Layer each piece of bread with slices of mozzarella and fig, as well as leaves of basil. Be generous with the basil. If you want to add a couple leaves of arugula, that would work too.

Grind a layer of pepper over each piece of bread. Voila!

Eat open-faced or closed at your discretion.

Faint with happiness.


Michelle said...

While I love figs, and eat them whenever they're in front of me, I haven't ever bought figs of my very own. I need to change that and make this awesome sandwich!

Caz said...

This sandwich looks incredible. What a fantastic combination of flavours!

Kat said...

I've never had this combo before, but sounds like a good and (more importantly, easy) way to make use of the figs. Also about preferred toasting methonds, when I was in Norway we didn't have a toaster overn or toaster (we used a pan to brown the bread); we also didn't have a microwave or a coffee maker! By choice since we knew we would leave. We had french press though. Good times.

Russell van Kraayenburg said...

Why have I never thought to make a sandwich with figs! This sounds incredible!

Jes said...

And now I need to have THE sandwich pronto. Oh gosh, figs, hurry up ripening! I can't wait!

adriennefriend said...

Excellent post. My parents' tree is brimming with the fruit; thankfully I'll be visiting them next weekend. I'll might hafta make the vegan version of The Sandwich!

fabiola@notjustbaked said...

Yeah, I just bought figs yesterday. I am in love with them, eat them whole until I am way too full. So we'll see if they make it to a dish like this. It looks so good!

Catherine said...

I don't own a toaster OR toaster oven! Rock on.

Shu Han said...

I see you've been on a sourdough kick lately! I love sourdough bread, just that with butter or olive oil and I'm so happy. But this combo sounds like sth I have to try soon. fresh sweet figs, with salty creamy cheese and the fresh scent of basil. AH YUM.

Joanne said...

Glorious. Just glorious. I can't wait to find figs at my farmer's market!

Eileen said...

I'm so glad to see everyone as excited as I am about figs. OH MAN. I'm going to eat them until they're gone.

And you know, we don't own a microwave or coffee maker either! We do have a rice cooker and waffle iron, though--do those cancel them out?

erin @ yummy supper said...

Oh, "the sandwich" is right!
I cannot wait until my figs ripen. I'll have to give the sandwich a try;)
Looks delish.

Kristina said...

I don't own a toaster either... OR a toaster oven. I use the regular oven ;)

and as someone who is often found standing at the counter hoovering an entire pint box of berries, I can totally relate to your Nearly No Figs Available for this sandwich...

which I want, by the way, right now! DELICIOUS!

wildcraft diva said...

F abulous.....must try!

elizabeth ranger said...

so so so summery... must give this a go, and a perfect excuse to spurge on some figs.

Susan said...

This looks so good! I've got to get out and forage soon!

clotilde said...

So pleased you've adopted that sandwich into your repertoire! ^_^