Fooding, swift and sure ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

05 November 2012

Fooding, swift and sure

Whose week is not going to be completely crazy? Raise your hand.

Yeah, not me.

I'm going to release my product in T minus one week. Tomorrow I have to go vote. (Note: go vote, everybody in the US!) Wednesday I have to go into San Francisco. It's going to be this busy for a while, let's just say. So here is what I've been eating.

toasting corn tortillas on the gas jet

We made tacos with refried black beans and corn tortillas toasted over the gas jet. Shredded cabbage on top. Maybe some lime. Tacos are always a good emergency dinner.

migas and refried black beans

Then I made migas and ate them with the leftover black beans. MORE MIGAS, PLEASE.

baked penne with marinara, red pepper, and spinach

Pasta is a default food at our house. Baked pasta takes a little more effort, but it's worth it. This one is baked penne with marinara, red pepper, and spinach. There was also a lasagna that somehow escaped without a single picture.

homemade pizza with lavash crust

On an even easier note, we bought a package of lavash and used it to make pizza with all the onions and peppers in the house. Lavash pizza is the ultimate emergency food if you like thin crust. I'm just saying.

toast with labneh and pickled peppers

And of course there is always toast. This time I had toast with labneh and the last of my first batch of pickled peppers--tangy and amazing. Fortunately, pickled peppers are one of the most instant pickles on the planet, so I threw together a new jar after I hit up the farmer's market yesterday. I'm going to have some delicious sandwiches, is what I'm saying.

What do you guys eat when you're too busy to do, um, anything?


Rebecca said...

Toast and cheese and jam has been breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an awfully long time around here. Fortunately I have a surfeit of excellent jam!

Current favourite: moderately stinky soft sheepy cheeses with apple and anise jelly, on rye.

Caz said...

Looks a pretty good list of speedy foods to me. Pasta is the ultimate hectic day dinner and the pasta bake looks mouthwatering and comforting!

Everyday Maven said...

Yeah! That is awesome, you are almost there. Where are you launching your class? It is online? If so, are you familiar with this site - maybe another interesting way to get the word out. Good Luck with everything!

Kat said...

I make similar dishes during super busy times. Pasta with basic marinara sauce is a definite fall back. Tacos. Also curries, especially when it's colder. I can't believe the election day is tomorrow, where does the time go?

Jes said...

Ha! I get G to pick something up for us to eat when we're crazy busy. Or I make pasta. Uninspired, sausage & sauce pasta. I'm in awe of your beautiful eats while I know you must be plugging away for the release. So excited for you!!

Joanne said...

Pizza and pasta are pretty much my favorite quick food go-tos. Hope your crazy week is not SOOOO crazy!!

noelle said...

I love (love, love) emergency tacos! Over here we also have emergency nachos. But now I'm totally craving pasta like in your picture.

Stephanie @ okie dokie artichokie said...

Those look like lovely meals! And I seriously need to get into buying lavash for flatbread pizzas-- I love them thin like that! BTW, California chile powder is very similar to New Mexico chile powder so you can definitely interchange the two. :)

Liza in Ann Arbor said...

I know! Last week was completely insane. The only thing I managed was a kale and apple salad of election night. I wouldn't have minded one of your champagne cocktails though.

Lena Mumenthaler said...

I usually resort to pasta when I am busy. Pasta all week long.
And btw. I love pickled peppers, they really are easy to make.