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19 April 2013

A nice relaxing beer

After this week, I think we all could use a beer.

Mine is Uncommon Brewers' Baltic Porter. Organic beer from Santa Cruz! You can't get much more relaxing (and local, as long as you're in the south bay) than that.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I plan to avoid as much stress as possible for the duration of the weekend. I hear that it's emergency blanket fort day in some corners of the internet. Well, it's too warm here for blanket forts, but not too warm for beer.

I hope you & yours all get the chance to draw some deep breaths and relax this weekend.


Joanne said...

Yes a beer (or five) is definitely what I need this weekend!

Michelle said...

It was definitely a beer/wine/cocktail weekend for me, too. So, so necessary.

Monet said...

I wish! I will take you up on the relaxing weekend though. Thanks for sharing!

foodfeud said...

I second that sentiment. I love seeing other regions' beers.

Marta @ What should I eat for breakfast today said...

hahaha, I could relax with a beer right now, unfortunaltely it's 10:30 am and a bit too early ;)