Sandwiches make a delightful dinner ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

31 January 2007

Sandwiches make a delightful dinner

Check out the sammichy goodness!

Said sandwich includes:
rye bread
red bell pepper
black pepper
fresh basil

How did I make it, you ask? Well! I sliced everything (except the bread, which was already sliced, and the black pepper, which would be too issueous to slice and besides would not achieve the correct result), then layered all but the basil on my bread and stuck it in the toaster oven for a few minutes. Said basil had to go on at the last minute, so as not to fry it into oblivion. Lo, my result was crispy and crunchy and fragrant on the bread side, yet warm and melty and multitextural on the cheese side, and it was good.

Cooking is not necessarily complicated.

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