Broccoli mushroom butter pasta ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

21 February 2007

Broccoli mushroom butter pasta

Children, this is a butter vehicle.
Broccoli mushroom butter pasta.

1 shallot
3-5 cloves garlic
1 small crown broccoli
at least 6 or 8 mushrooms
2/3 box fusilli pasta
romano cheese
olive oil and butter
salt, pepper, basil, and red pepper flakes

Put on the water for your pasta.

Heat some olive oil in a wide frying pan. Chop up your shallot and garlic, and add them to the oil. Add some basil and some red pepper flakes. Toss and cook on low-medium. Ooh! Delicious! And we haven't even gotten to any substantial anything yet!

Dissect your crown of broccoli into small, pleasing bits. Add some chopped stem if it's edibly tender, or even peel the stalk and use it as well. Chop up your mushrooms into large irregular oblongs. I like a variety of pieces for this business.

In the meantime, put on your pasta. If you're using something less robust than fusilli, wait a little longer to put it on. You know how to cook pasta.

Add your broccoli and mushrooms to your shallot and garlic. By now you may notice that your pan is looking a little dry. Add some more olive oil. Add some butter for good measure. I like butter.

Cook everything on medium to low until tender and voluptuous. Salt a little; pepper a lot. It looks like it needs some more butter. Add some more butter. You want those mushrooms to soak it up into a vast pit of buttery goodness. Butter.

Your pasta should be done at just about the same time as the vegetables. Drain it and toss immediately into the frying pan. Stir everything up to make sure you have enough oil and butter. Not enough? Add a little more butter.

Serve, laced heavily with grated romano cheese.



kevin said...

i miss those damned plates

eileen said...

They are mine now!! ! SO much better than the new ones mom and dad have. of course it means I only have five plates and bowls.

If you want, like, a mug or something, I can sacrifice one.

kevin said...

hey that would be cool -- next time you have occasion to mail me something i guess. yeah i'll take it. i actually have some of their regular spoons, which i took to tide me over before i bought any silverware in my first apartment.