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09 February 2007

Fat sammich

After all the vegetables and vegetables and rice and more vegetables my body decided to start yelling HELP HELP FAT I NEED FAT.


Decent avocadoes are one of the few reasons to live in California. On occasion I will eat them for days at a stretch. You can also find tiny varieties, maybe 3 inches high, that can be eaten easily by one person. This is perhaps the most ideal of all ideal ideals: you get avocado, but you don't have the other half rotting overnight in a pool of lemon juice. It is especially fortunate since I like avocado for breakfast. Observe:

Sliced avocado on wheat bread with salt and pepper. The cherries are optional but certainly pretty. They also provide a distinct texture and flavor contrast. It is an excellent breakfast. However, considering cherry season, I can't really have this unless it's summer. And that's how long I've been planning to write this entry.

There is also something we know as "fat sammich." This requires some sort of bread material filled with the tastiest sources of fat I can find. This could be peanut butter, regular butter, egg, cheese: whatever looks tasty and substantial. Avocado is clearly an excellent choice for such a thing. So a few night ago I pulled out said avocado to make a variation: the quesadilla.

Quesadillas are clearly one of the best fat sammiches. The very simple cheese plus tortilla is very easy and almost instantaneous. It's pretty satisfying just by itself. However, if you add avocado, whether in plain sliced, mashed, or guacamole form, the quesadilla's tastiness quotient increases exponentially. It is a great idea.

flour tortillas
cheese of choice (big block sharp cheddar in this case)
hot pepper of some type
avocado, sliced and coated with
lemon juice

These are easy and obvious. Slice or grate some cheese and put it on a tortilla. Add some chopped hot pepper (optional) and cumin (optional) and any other vegetable that requires heating, i.e. not the avocado. Grate a little more cheese over the top. Then fold the tortilla in half or top with a second, and cook on medium in an unoiled frying pan. Flip when golden brown. Once both sides are crispy and nice, take your quesadilla out off the pan. Open it up, layer in the avocado, and close. Eat, possibly with salsa. It is tasty. It is fat. I can eat three on the half-fold before feeling completely glutted. After that, I don't really want any more avocado for a few days.

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