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03 August 2007

Worthy drinks for further hot appetitelessness

1. Blueberry pomegranate juice.
2. Champagne cocktails.

The first is good for the blood sugar; the second is good for the latenight relaxation.

Blueberry pomegranate is by far my top choice in juices. I do not care that it costs like seven dollars a bottle. So what? It is the most delicious juice on the planet, especially since I've grown out of my teenage palate. I mean, I guess that serious real cranberry juice no sugar or white grapefruit would be the top juices for the total adult palate. I still like them, particularly cut with tonic or sparkling water, but I like blueberry pomegranate better.

Ruby red and tangerine comes in second, but it has been falling back in the rankings for a while. First this was just because I was cheap and could drink water. Then I started to taste the corn syrup in the giant luggage-bottles of ocean spray. No one else seems to make a grapefruit tangerine. I can make it myself, but it's kind of difficult to procure the amount of red grapefruit and tangerines for more than one big tumbler of juice at once.

Also, I want to use the grapefruit in champagne cocktails.

Two days ago I was walking around the neighborhood at lunch when lo! I came upon a big cardboard box on the sidewalk in front of somebody's house. This particular house has a gargantuan lemon tree and several rows of corn, among other things, planted in the front yard. Clearly, the box contained excess harvest; when I looked inside, I discovered a pile of tiny apparent CSA-box remnant white grapefruit.

I didn't take them all, apparently because I am too polite to do intelligent things. I did take two.

Yesterday John cut them into champagne cocktails, and we let them sit there and absorb the gin, and I shoveled all the peels into the refrigerator to make into candied peel/something at an immediate later date.

Champagne cocktails

dry champagne or sparkling white wine
grapefruit or lemon

Cut some grapefruit off its peel and into whatever size chunk you like. Put the chunks in your champagne bowls. Add about half an ounce of gin, then top with frigid champagne.

We clearly do not buy actual champagne from Champagne (land of mushrooms! Champignon! Ok ok.), uh, pretty much ever. Our standard sparkling wine aka champagne is Chandon, generally blanc de noirs. In this case, we used the brut. It was a good choice.

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