Breakfast kickery ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

19 December 2007

Breakfast kickery

AWWW YEAH. We rock the breakfast so hard. Now if only we'd had some dried apricots. We had no dried fruit at all, though. It was tragic.

One thing we did have was local sage honey. Dear everyone: get some local honey! If you eat a lot of it, your body will eventually develop a resistance to local pollen and start to ward off allergens! Also, honey is delicious.

Rock breakfast with breakfast cous:

butter/earth balance/a tasteless oil
optional dried fruit of some type

Chop up a shallot and cook it slowly in butter or choice of oil. Unless you want something savory, and are thinking about not adding any honey even at all, do Not use olive oil. This stuff is going to be sweet, so olive oil will make it taste gross.

While your shallot is getting all soft and melty, chop some almonds into chunks. Stick them in a baking pan and put them in a 250F oven to toast for ten minutes or so. Check often.

When shallots are nearly done, make couscous. You know how to do this by now, considering how much of the past month has been all about the cous. Put cous in bowl; add some salt, lots of pepper, butter or oil; cover with hot water and leave to absorb/steam until done. While the cous is cooking, get your almonds out of the oven and into the pan of shallots. I mean, out of the frying pan and into my mouth. Wait, no.

Finish the shallot/almond mix with some pepper.

When cous is done, add shallot and almond. Then add a good big glob of honey. You could also use agave syrup. Then add a lot of cracked black pepper. If you want any dried fruit, such as apricots, cranberries, or currants, now is the time. If you want any fresh fruit, for instance if it is still fig season, now is also the time.

Stir it up and eat it.

John and I were sitting there eating very pleased with ourselves, talking about how if we had to feed kids breakfast, they would totally get this. No child vs adult palate crap at our house. No.

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