Crispy bits aka I am spoiled ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

10 December 2007

Crispy bits aka I am spoiled

John went to the store and got us Presents.

sourdough baguette
more chanterelles
red wine
etc etc delicious presents!

We sat around eating all the berries and drinking cabernet. Apparently we really like cab. Perhaps we should have done some of this "trying more of it" sooner.

Then it was latenight snacktime so we went into the kitchen to put butter in a pan.

Crispy bits

butter/olive oil
the more chanterelles
loaf of good bread

Cut up the shallot and sauté in butter. Clean off the chanterelles or whatever other mushroom you want. Decide how you want to cut them up. We had big chunks. Add them to the shallot and cook everything slowly until soft and nice.

Cut as many slices of bread as you want to eat.

Chop some pecans into chunks. You can toast them in the oven beforehand if you want.

Cut some cheese, fontina or other mild melty white, into small cubes or strips. You can also clearly use no cheese and things will still be tasty.

Assemble: each piece of bread gets mushroom and shallot, pecan bits, and cheese bits. They can also get salt and pepper. Put all the bits of bread on a cookie sheet and stick it under the broiler.

Leave the oven door cracked and watch everything really closely. When cheese is melty and bread is starting to brown, pull everything out.

Eat. Tasty crispy bits for children!

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