Mishy mashy ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

31 December 2007

Mishy mashy

I just submitted my first two gradschool applications of the year. Now it is time to relax for five minutes. Also to party.

I've been so busy I have cooked almost nothing in a whole week. Yesterday for snack I had two pieces of salted wheat berry bread and a dried apricot. No one believes me about the salt thing. It is true, though. Salt makes grain taste grainier.

I also have ended up eating delicious things such as this:

That is leftover kale-potato mash with sesame, mixed with goat cheese and fried. I was going to try to make this into little cakes, but the mix was not sticky enough. So instead I just pressed it into the bottom of the pan and hoped for the best. It seems to have worked.

Big tato cake

leftover mashy potatoes, kale and other additions optional
butter/olive oil/earth balance
goat cheese if you want it, although tato cakes work very well without

Get out your leftovers and let them lose the refrigerator chill a little while before you want to cook. You Could use frigid refrigerator leftovers, but they'll take longer to cook and may end up still cool in the middle.

Get a good nonstick frying pan medium hot. Melt some butter or spread some olive oil around.

If you want goat cheese, mix some big crumbles in. Then, if your potatoes are wet enough, form them into little cakes. If not, just whack the whole thing into the pan and press it down.

Leave everything for several minutes, not moving the pan at all. Then start checking the bottoms of the cakes. When they are a nice deep golden brown, start flipping. This is clearly easier with actual cakes, but also feasible for the entire pan of stuff: you just have to not care that you're breaking it into chunks. I don't care; the potatoes are still good. Just get as much of the business as possible turned over, then let it color on the other side.

When everything is nice and crispy and hot, slide it out of the pan and eat it.

The whole idea of frying potato and kale like this is making me think of cabbage. Sometime in future there may be colcannon.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm going to go drink a bottle of champagne.

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