more sammidgy business ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

14 January 2008

more sammidgy business

Today I stayed home from work with stomach issues. Gleh.

Oven sammiches again.

good bread
roasted red pepper
olive oil
salt and pepper
cheese if you want

If you need to roast your pepper, stick it on a cookie sheet under the broiler. Rotate it every few minutes to get it evenly blackened. Then take it out and put it in a closed container to get the skin steamed off. After a couple of minutes, take it out, let it cool, and flake the skin off with your fingers. Cut the pepper into big segments; chuck the seeds and stem.


Cut up some bread. Cover each piece with slices of pepper. Then add some well-washed raw spinach. Then add some chopped mushrooms. Then add some cheese if you want cheese. Practically any white cheese will work, as long as it melts well. I had the end of the hard goat cheese from the other day. Mozzarella or provolone would be standard; parmesan or romano would work. Whatever you want. Oven sammiches are also clearly good without cheese. Then add salt, pepper, and a little olive oil.

Put everything on a cookie sheet and stick it under the broiler. Watch the pan so nothing fries to death; turn it if you need to. As soon as the cheese is melty and golden brown, and the mushrooms etc are clearly shriveled and cooked, take everything out. Give it a minute, so you don't take off the entire roof of your mouth, then eat it.

This kind of thing is clearly my standard for nights with no energy. Tonight is a night with no energy. Of course, I also have a nice person here who just made me a big bowl of scratch roux-based mac and cheese.

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