sesame sesame open sesame ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

11 January 2008

sesame sesame open sesame

We made cookies. They were not christmas cookies. They were post-christmas cookies. Antepenultimate christmas cookies. Sure. Cookies.

Seriously, these are ideath's cookies. ideath is great. Her cookies are clearly much better than other more traditional cookie. You can find them here.

We tried to make these as small as possible for the 1/2 tsp required. Ha ha! That is DIFFICULT. Make them as small as you can stand. We also toasted the sesame seeds for ten minutes or so in a frying pan. Watch them; don't let them burn. Nicely golden browned seeds are what you want. So then we put the cookies in the oven and left them slightly too long. Actually we liked the slightly burnt cookies quite a lot, although they weren't optimal. Cookies!

These require lots of tea. Tea tea.

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