Oh hey, it's food! ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

14 March 2008

Oh hey, it's food!

I went to work to discover Erik had brought in a bunch of piroshki for everyone. "I made about a hundred of these last night. Want one?" They had beef, cream cheese and mushroom filling stuffed inside premade biscuit dough. I ate two, one for breakfast and one for afternoon tea. Er, snack. They were good but gross in the way preservative-laden tube dough always is. You could almost pretend it was a gigantic family holiday dinner. Of course, then the dough would be made into biscuits.

John came home with a bottle of mediocre but drinkable chardonnay left over from his office party. Neither of us really like chardonnay; oh well. We put it in the freezer to get cold enough to deaden our taste buds.

Then our next door neighbors suddenly gave us a loaf of homemade molasses rye bread, serious dense dark stuff. I had it for breakfast with peanut butter and sliced banana and tea tea more tea.

Maybe if I go downstairs, there'll be a decorative fruit basket on the front porch!

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