Sore throat ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

28 March 2008

Sore throat

Today I came home sick, slept for the entire afternoon, got the last of my gradschool rejections, and had a banana split.

I can't remember ever having had a serious classic banana split: one whole banana cut lengthwise, with a scoop each of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate ice cream lined up, chocolate sauced, whipped creamed and maraschino cherried. For one thing, there's no way I could eat that volume of ice cream. Usually I can keep a pint alive for a week. I can't remember the last time we had an actual brick of ice cream around; we were probably still in Michigan.

In this case I was feeling feeble and sore and tired. A bunch of cold dairy was clearly the answer. For ice cream, I had cherry garcia, which was a good choice. It made up for the lack of maraschinos and chocolate sauce nicely.

(We do actually have a jar of maraschinos, but they're for old fashioneds. Besides, they're practically day-glo. I wanted real food.)

Extremely minimal banana split

a banana
ice cream

Peel the banana and cut it in half. Cut each half lengthwise. Stick them into a bowl. Add ice cream. Eat.


Old fashioneds

an orange
a maraschino cherry

Get out a substantially weighted rocks glass. Add a pinch of sugar and several shakes of bitters. Cut a slice of orange, then cut it in half. Put one of the halves on top of the sugar and bitters. Muddle with the handle of a wooden spoon, or with an actual muddler if you have such a thing. Fill the cup with ice, a cherry, and the other half of the orange slice. Fill with bourbon, stir, and drink slowly over a long period of time.

Don't have one of these if you're sick, though. Instead, you might want a

Hot toddy

bourbon or whiskey
lemon juice from an actual lemon
hot water

Put on the teapot. While your water is coming to a boil, cut a lemon in half and squeeze some juice into a mug. A teaspoon or so is good. Add a spoonful of honey and at least a shot of bourbon. When the water is hot, fill up the mug with it. Stir and drink as hot as possible. Then go immediately to sleep.)

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