Surviving the airport ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

31 March 2008

Surviving the airport

Since I've been sick and not really cooking anything:

This bag of trail mix came directly out of our freezer about about eleven the night before we flew to Phoenix. Ok, not the bag itself, but everything else.

The key to decent trail mix is decent ingredients. If you start out with, say, pretzels coated in garlic salt, you end up with a big bag of garlic salt. So instead, use fruit and nuts that you actually want to eat.

Good trail mix

(in any combination)
dried cranberries
also golden raisins
good quality roasted peanuts
probably a couple dried apricots
pistachios, if you can be bothered to shell them
whatever else sounds good (such as dark chocolate)

Put things in a bag in whatever proportion you like/have. Put into your carryon. Then, when you're walking around the airport trying to decide whether you can stomach a whopper junior (answer: apparently, yes), you can instead (or in addition) pull out the fruit and nut.

If I'd had actual time, I might have poked around and come up with some kind of honey concoction to stick the business together into fruit and nut bars. Now That would be a good thing to stash in the freezer for this type of occasion.

Now I am going to go drink a mugful of delivery spinach tofu soup. Then I will be all better. Yes.

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