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07 April 2008

egg egg coffee egg

Yesterday was egg (and coffee) day. First we got up and took the train to Joanie's to eat lots and lots of brunch. It's a totally indulgent thing to do, since the place is only about two or three miles away, and it takes ONE train stop to get there. So really we should ride the bikes. On the other hand, sunday is day of ultimate laze. So. We went and had lots of egg and hashbrowns and a big bowl of fruit and several cups of coffee. FRUIT: grapes and melon and pineapple and strawberry and apples. I think I ate half the fruit before John looked up from buttering his toast.

I also had a three-egg tomato onion and cheese omelet. Normally there is no way I'd be able to finish such a thing. This time I ate the entire thing. Maybe it had something to do with never eating dinner on saturday. Hm.

Much later, when we remembered we needed to eat dinner at ten at night, John made a gigantic whack of super-filling pasta carbonara.

In conclusion, it was egg day.

Carbonara in this instance

red pepper and/or orange pepper
olive oil
romano cheese
salt, pepper

Crush, peel and chop garlic; sliver peppers into long strands. Warm olive oil in a heavy sauté pan. Cook garlic and peppers slowly, until they melt into a big puddle. In the meantime, boil water, salt it, and cook pasta. Also grate cheese and chop lots of fresh parsley.

When things are done, take the garlic pan off the heat. Drain pasta and add it to the garlic. Add parsley and cheese. Then, with a spoon ready, crack one egg per person over the pan. Stir immediately and throughly. The egg will cook and coat the pasta in the heat of the pan.

Grate lots of pepper over the pan. Since this is both egg and pasta, two foods that have to be as scorching hot as possible, eat instantly.

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