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28 May 2008

Even more: raw corn and tomato salad

Oh hey it's summer! It's past memorial day, so that means summer! Summer! It's SUMMER.

In conjunction, since I'm constantly hungry, I've been trying to figure out more food to bring to work. As more and more good vegetables have emerged, this has meant more and more salad. So when the full table of fresh corn finally appeared, I knew exactly what to do with it: eat it immediately, without even cooking it.

Since this salad is raw, it takes approximately three minutes to prepare in full. The only item of even slight annoyance is corn's proclivity to go careening all over the kitchen floor.

Raw corn and tomato salad

two ears fresh corn
a bunch of good grape tomatoes, maybe two handfuls
olive oil, salt, pepper

Shuck your corn and remove as much cornsilk as possible. My corn was white, but get whatever kind looks best. Use a big, heavy knife to carefully cut long swathes of kernels off the cob. If you're concerned about stability and knife slippage, snap the ears in half first. Cut all the kernels off, remove any more cornsilk that may have come to light, and stick the kernels in a bowl.

Cut tomatoes into whatever size pieces you find most appealing. I cut mine in half, then sliced up the halves, so the proportions more or less matched the corn. Add tomatoes to your bowl.

Add a little olive oil, salt, and pepper, mix it up, and you're done. Stick it in your bag and take it to work.

Clearly you could do all kinds of things to this salad:
- Use a disproportionately high amount of either corn or tomato.
- Add a bunch of chopped parsley, basil, or other deserving herb.
- Cut the corn out and use green beans or snow peas instead.
- Instead of dressing with olive oil, make an actual full tangy vinaigrette.
- Add some chopped mozzarella/etc to give it some more substance.

This business could definitely benefit from an entire pitcher of iced tea.

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