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09 May 2008

If only I owned a gravy boat.

Use three for giant vat chili (besides just heating it and eating it again): chili mash.

This is the most starchy, dense, soporific thing ever, so be sure you want the starchy, dense, soporified results before eating. For instance, if you have just gotten home from work at 8 pm after a day of frantic runnings around, and all you want to do is sit on the couch and read trashy magazines, this business is an excellent idea. It's especially good because nearly all you have to do is boil water.

Chili mash

leftover chili
several boiling potatoes
any mash addenda you like

Put some water in a pot, salt it if you feel the need, and bring it to a boil. If you want to eliminate potato peels in your mash, peel your potatoes. It's fine if you don't, though. I peeled mine. Cut the potatoes into medium chunks so they'll cook faster. When the water comes to a boil, add the cut potatoes. To do this without splashing boiling water and scalding yourself, actually place each potato a little into the water before letting it go. This will break the surface tension and eliminate splashes. Science! Boil for about a half hour, or until potatoes are fully soft all the way through.

While potatoes are boiling, warm up your chili. The proportions here are totally up to you. I wanted roughly equal amounts of chili and potato, so I warmed up maybe a cup and a half of chili. Just stick it in a pan on medium and stir it occasionally.

When the potatoes are done, drain them and mash them with a fork. At this point you can add any potato addenda you want fully mixed in. Items to consider:

- sour cream/plain yogurt/soy equiv
- milk/soy milk
- butter/earth balance
- cheese of some type
- chopped green onion or chives
- any other greens that sound good, cooked or raw

Or you can add what I did: NOTHING. Also consider amounts and how they'll affect texture, especially after you add the chili. If you want to avoid super-mushy mash, add fewer suspensions and liquids.

Now consider the chili. Do you want to use it as a pleasing sauce or as a fully mixed part of the mash? For pleasing sauce, serve potatoes into bowl, make a well in them, and top with chili. It's totally like thanksgiving with the gravy boat! You could even serve it in a gravy boat if you felt the need for kitsch. I kind of want to do that now. For component in mash, add chili to potatoes and mix fully, then serve. If you want to use any addenda as garnishes, now is the time. Or, again, you can do what I did: add NOTHING. It will still be spicy and delicious.

Eat satedly until fully sated.

The next day, if you feel a need for potato pancakes, congratulations! You have the perfect leftovers.

Chili tatocakes

Mix chili with potatoes if you haven't already. Whack big spoonfuls onto a hot frying pan; flatten with a spatula. Cook to delicious crustiness on one side, then flip. Cook to even more delicious crustiness on the other side. Now put on plate, add any yogurt or etc. you feel necessary, and eat. Now go to work.

Breakfast power!

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