One pot salad ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

23 May 2008

One pot salad

I am lazy. I also like eating food. Quandary! I guess I can just throw food in a pot until delicious. Hey look, it's delicious!

This particular salade ni├žoise variation came of having an extra half bunch of dill hanging around. If you don't have dill, parsley will work fine, or you can experiment with other herbs and spices. Something like toasted cumin would probably be pretty good in the dressing.

Salad in a pot

three or four boiling potatoes
a lot of green beans
2 eggs
fresh dill
vinaigrette: olive oil, wine vinegar, salt, pepper

Bring a pot of water to a boil. Chop the potatoes into pleasing chunks, then add them to the pot. Simmer until cooked through. The timing will depend on how big your chunks are; a half hour should probably do it.

At some point during the simmer, chop up several stalks' worth of dill and make a vinaigrette. (I really need to write an entry only on salad dressing sometime.) Also top and tail green beans, then cut them into short chunks. This would be really fast if only green beans weren't curly. I had two big fistfuls of beans.

When the potatoes are getting close to done, add a couple eggs to the pot. Let them cook for ten minutes, then fish them out and put them in cold water. Dump all the green beans into the pot. Let things keep simmering for three or four more minutes before you take the pan off the heat and drain it.

Stick the cooked vegetables into a big bowl, pour the vinaigrette over, and mix. Make sure to do this while things are still hot, so they'll better absorb the dressing.

Whack the eggs all over with the back of a spoon, peel them, and chop them up. Add them to the bowl. Add the dill to the bowl too. Then mix everything well and thoroughly up. If it's become apparent that things are too dry, add some more olive oil. I poured some over the leftovers, so my lunch the next day was nice and olivey.

Eat it! This business is perfect for big stuffed pitas with slightly crunchy bread and some water-filled lettuce. I had a bowl plain and Then a sandwich for good measure. Dinner!

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