All I want to eat right now ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

11 August 2008

All I want to eat right now

White peaches, syrah grapes, black plums and asian pears.

White peaches I've mentioned. They're perfect.

I never had syrah grapes before. These are smaller than usual hothouse grapes, with a white dust on the skin like damson plums. Inside, they have green flesh and one or two tiny teardroppy seeds. I've never seen grapes like this outside California.

Black plums. I prefer the kind with red flesh, but these are good too, just slightly hard and tart.

The asian pears are unbelievably good: crispy and juicy all at once. They are best in a glass of white wine, even if it's a terrible six dollar riesling. If John hasn't eaten them all we'll probably make a salad with them and white cabbage soon.

You can tell we're sloping toward fall, but it still doesn't feel like summer has hit us yet.

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