At the Santa Cruz farmers market ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

20 August 2008

At the Santa Cruz farmers market

You bring home spreads like this:

- purple cherokee tomatoes
- yellow brandywine (?) tomatoes
- the tiniest, yellowest shallots ever
- white nectarines
- yellow nectarines
- flavor queen pluots
- dapple dandy pluots
- and some pointy red plums, the name of which has flown completely out of my memory.

That's not even counting all the strawberries we ate at Chrissy's house, or the bag of baby artichokes. Then there were the baskets of totally perfect organic brussels sprouts that looked like actual tiny cabbages, that clearly screamed to be taken home, separated into leaves, and made into salad. We had to leave those there, since the fruit claimed all my money. Boo! On the other hand, yay summer fruit!

Later on we made a bunch of fruit bowls that looked like this.

White and yellow nectarines: while the white nectarines fell off the pit with no effort whatever, the yellow ones clung entirely. This is why we didn't buy the cling peaches right next to them. They were clearly awesome anyway.

More nectarines and flavor queen pluots: there is definitely a reason these dudes are named "flavor queen", although if you go to the Wikipedia page you can see that roughly half of all pluots have names starting with "flavor". They were strongly reminiscent of the supermarket black plums with red flesh, my favorite kind.

All the kinds of pluots fell off their pits like it was nothing. I put the pits on the windowsill with the white nectarine pits, the black plum pits from the apartment yard, the several kinds of lemon seeds and the two apricot pits from trees at the side of the road. My collection is steadily growing. I seriously have to stop myself from collecting apple seeds, but I need to get some from the asian pears. Eventually, in the highly fantastic future, I will plant them all and have a gigantic orangerie of ridiculous, awesome fruit.

It will be awesome.


Liz² said...

oh my gawd, the jewel tones! and the rarity and the deliciousness that's coming amply through the screen!

you have a goooood market. :O

eileen said...

yeah, the farmer's markets are definitely one of the few things I'll actually miss when we leave california. no more continual sun means no more continual produce...*sob*