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15 August 2008

Figs figs more figs

Here's what we had for lunch the other day after a huge shopping trip, which for us means a mile walk there and another one back, hauling two backpacks full of everything we can stuff in. This gets pretty hot in August. We ended up hungry and slightly glurgy at the same time. Lunch therefore = fruit.

- cut black figs
- whole dates
- gala apples with peanut butter
- Galvanina sparkling blood orange juice.

Get some of that juice if you find it. If you like Orangina, you may fall on the floor foaming over this stuff.

This kind of lunch looks like nothing at all, but it is actually really satisfying and filling. The same thing applies to my breakfast a couple days later.

- cut black figs
- cottage cheese
- oatmeal made with just water and salt

This was so much food. I couldn't finish it. I did manage to finish the figs, though. I love figs.

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