Enzyme goodness ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

08 December 2008

Enzyme goodness

So you know what's the best thing ever when you've just had food poisoning all weekend and your stomach is still cramped and painful two days later? Live and active yogurt cultures, specifically l. bulgaricus and s. thermophilus in this case. Enzymes! Bacteria! Digestive ability! I had two spoonfuls and felt so instantly better it was shocking.

This is Fage Greek yogurt, but I'm thinking any plain, fatted, decent yogurt would do the job.

I keep talking to my friend Ryan about making yogurt from scratch. He and his co-op people used to make it all the time, and it sounded really easy. Eventually I will make the experiment.


Anonymous said...

i was a near shut-in for the week after thanksgiving thanks to some really nasty stomach critters.

not until i had full-fat greek yogurt did things start turning around, and like you, it was within a couple of tablespoons. it was a little eerie!

for my own recuperative amusement i liked to visualize it as Germ Warfare in my body. with every spoonful i was sending troops into battle! like i said, i was a near shut-in.

p.s. i hate regular yogurt, if you're like me, buy the good greek stuff, especially Fage, it's worth every penny!

eileen said...

no kidding! I plan to begin a cult of yogurt worship at some date in the near future.

I also hate mass market yogurt. Corn syrup and chunks of gelatinous fruit? ugh. Fage is definitely high quality, but I usually go the "giant tub of Pavel's Russian yogurt" route instead.