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29 January 2009

Citrus is awesome,

even in New York! That's because it's winter, also known as "the time citrus is so great you just want to have a bowl of citrus fruit out looking pretty and edible at all times."

For instance, Jenn brought me these dudes:

Apparently they are kumquat tangerines! I can't find any confirmation of this on the internets (which I checked because I couldn't exactly remember what they were called, such that we've been calling them "clemenquats" instead), but who cares? How awesome is that! The previous statement is not a question, but a statement. Yes.

They are pretty sweet inside, as opposed to the usual kumquat sour, and the rind is indeed edible. Well, all citrus rind is edible, but these are soft and flexible besides. I totally think these rinds would be perfect for some delicate candying.

I also had some lovely blood orange juice, which I reamed out of a blood orange from a little store on 2nd Ave and 4th St. No, NYC is not confusing, why do you ask?

That's how much juice you get out of one blood orange, incidentally: half a small juice glass. The proper way to drink freshly squeezed citrus juice is to POUND IT.


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