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19 January 2009

It's winter; comfort food

For instance, here's what I had for breakfast twice last week: grilled cheese and broccoli steamed with sriracha. I totally advocate this kind of breakfast, especially when it's ten degrees out. Hot hot fat in cheese form plus hot hot delicious, serious vegetable = really satisfying.

Grilled cheese: you know how to make it. Make sandwich, melt butter, cook slowly on one side with pan lid on, flip and cook other side. Grilled cheese! I had a couple different kinds: plain cheddar with brown mustard and mozzarella with parsley and red pepper.

Broccoli with sriracha:
this one is easy too, and even easier when you reuse the grilled cheese pan. Throw pieces of broccoli, adequate squirts of sriracha/other hot pepper sauce, and a moderate splash of water into the pan. Stir to get the sauce distributed a little, then clap on the lid. Cook on medium-high for three or four minutes, until the broccoli is bright green. If there's any extra water in the pan, let it evaporate off quickly.

You can clearly make lots of revisions here. I made one the other day with some cashews thrown in; that was good. John had it with some hot rice and a little soy sauce. Other toasted nuts or sunflower seeds would work too. You could also use whatever sauce you like instead of the sriracha: hoisin, peanut, spicy tomato with garlic. Or you could use other vegetables, like chopped cabbage, cauliflower, or green beans, instead of the broccoli. It's all good.

Eat your breakfast and feel happy.

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