Pre-inauguration ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

17 January 2009


I have some other stuff to talk about, but right now I just have to say how great it is to have a good wine shop. Ours is Gnarly Vines. They are awesome. For one thing, they were out in force pouring random people glasses of champagne at the Pratt steam whistles on New Year's Eve. For another, they carry the huge liters of Austrian white table wine that we love but tragically could not find Anywhere in California.

Then they do wine delivery. I mean, I know we live in NYC now, but STILL. How awesome is that? If they were to just partner with some dark chocolate-oriented bakery or small chocolatier, we would never leave the house. Dark chocolate and red wine, together at last.

Er. Anyway. I went in today and bought the inauguration special: five wines and two tiny bits of high-quality liquor for $44. How awesome is that?

Here's the list, lifted straight from their email:

Varnay Sparkling Wine - France
Pie de Palo Viognier - Argentina
JP Azeitao White - Portugal
Tochuelo Garnacha/Tempranillo - Spain
Excelsior Shiraz - South Africa
10 Cane Rum Nip (50ml) - Trinidad
Bulleit Bourbon Nip (50ml) - Kentucky

We've had the Varnay before, and of course Bulleit, but everything else is new. This should be interesting.

Now if we can only wait until inauguration night to break it all open. Ha! I'm thinking the shiraz is going into glasses in about five minutes.

This is also kind of making me want lentils and greens in red wine. I did just go get a bunch of farmer's market kale and chard. Hmm.

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