Brunchings ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

26 March 2009


First, have John go to Chelsea Market and buy a pound of coffee at 9th St. Espresso. Take note: you can get Stumptown coffee in NY. They will also grind it to your specified coarseness, which is helpful if you have a french press but no grinder.

This is certainly the best coffee I've had in NY. Not that I spend an overabundance of time or money on coffee; instead I drink copious green tea. This, however, is worthwhile for weekend brunch spectacular.

On Saturday morning, go to the farmer's market and get a gigantic bag of vegetables, a dozen organic eggs (for the price of a half dozen at the grocery store), a loaf of bread, and a ridiculous impulse quiche.

Come home, break out the french press, and make delicious coffee.

While coffee is brewing, crisp some corn tortillas over the gas burner. Turn to get both sides nice and toasty. Try not to burn your fingers, or the tortillas.

Scramble a couple eggs, then layer them on the tortillas with a little shredded cheese and chopped green onions. Warm them for a minute in the covered egg pan. When the cheese is melted, add a dribble of hot sauce or salsa. Voila: brunch tostadas.

Eat tostadas. Eat quiche. Drink coffee.

Save half the quiche for Sunday second brunch: it's too rich and too much to eat all at once. This particular quiche was spinach and tomato, with a layer of swiss cheese all sunk to the bottom.

When you are still hungry, toast some of the market bread. This time it was sourdough rye. Eat it with salt, olive oil, or butter.

Have another cup of coffee.

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