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06 August 2009

Greens greens everybody likes them

So here are a few things we're buried in up to the neck:
- ears of corn
- gold bar squash (basically yellow zucchini)
- piles and piles of greens

Obviously I had to make them into, uh, quesadillas. No, seriously. I didn't even put cheese in them, and yet they were still totally quesadillas. What? The technique remains!!

Awesome greens-oriented quesadillas

olive oil
good corn
summer squash of some type
kale, chard, or other wiltable greens
salt, pepper
red pepper flakes (aka "flake")
some form of cooked beans

Cook vegetables, layer with beans in tortilla, toast.

Warm some olive oil in a big saute pan while you peel and chop a few cloves of garlic. Soften the garlic in the oil. Onion or shallot would also be reasonable here.

Husk a couple ears of corn and saw them gently off the cobs. Try not to get either cornsilk or kernels all over your kitchen. Don't try this next to a hot burner. Trim and dice a squash or two; wash, stem and chop a couple big handfuls of greens. I think we used an entire small bunch of kale, which worked very well here; kale is awesome. Oh, you didn't think kale liked this kind of thing, did you? IT DOES. Other vegetables you could use: bell pepper, jalapeno, maybe some precooked potato or sweet potato?

Ok. When the garlic has softened a little, add the corn and squash. Salt the pan to help release some of the squash juices. Add some black pepper and red pepper flake while you're at it. Cook together for maybe three to five minutes.

Add your chopped greens to the pan, along with a splash of water. Cover the pan and let it all steam for a couple minutes, then check for doneness, stir, and steam a little more if necessary. Something delicate like spinach will take just a minute or two to steam; kale will take up to five minutes.

Now make it all into quesadillas!

For each quesadilla, I spread a flour tortilla completely with black beans. On this occasion the beans were in the form of spicy black bean dip. I have no apologies! It was good! Clearly, any kind of southwesterny spreadable bean preparation will work here, though; I imagine a pan of fresh refried beans would be pretty sweet.

Cover half the tortilla with a couple spoonfuls of the greens mixture. At this point you could add anything else you might want in a quesadilla setting, such as cheese, but you don't have to; the beans should be adhesive enough to keep everything together.

Now fold the tortilla over and toast until slightly golden brown. Either use a frying pan, flipping halfway through, or use the toaster oven. You don't want to turn on the real oven at a time like this.

Garnish: do you want to add sour cream, guacamole, or salsa? If so, go ahead.

Now eat them!

You could clearly turn this business to a number of slightly different uses.

Tacos: steam corn tortillas, then fill with hot beans and greens. Lime or lemon juice as appropriate.
Enchiladas: roll beans and greens into tortillas. Fill a pan with these, cover with a good enchilada sauce, and bake. I think a red sauce would work best, but green or even mole is worth trying.
Big bowl of delicious mess: make rice or other grain, add beans and greens, and eat.

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