Oh yeah ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

15 September 2009

Oh yeah

Also, leftover lentil soup makes the best, quickest, most completely perfect pasta fagioli in the west. Er, east. Yeah.

Pasta lenticchie

That's "pasta lentils", much like "pasta fagioli" is "pasta beans". Say it: len/TEE/chee/ae.

1. Cook some ditalini or other small, chunky pasta.
2. Heat up your leftover lentil soup.
3. Combine drained pasta with soup.
4. Add parsley, shredded grating cheese and/or toasted nuts.
5. Eat it! EAT IT HARD.

In addition, I wasn't kidding about the pasta and greens.

Yes! It's mesclun!

Pasta pomodoro with mesclun

"Pomodoro" is Italian for "tomato". It also supposedly means "apple of gold", i.e. "pomo d'oro". However, through copious internet research, I have discovered that the word for "apple" is actually "mela", and "pomo" actually means "knob". Whatever! "Pomme" is definitely "apple" in French! IT REMAINS AWESOME.

1. Soften onion, garlic, and good tomato with olive oil and salt.
2. Cook it slowly! Slowly! until the tomato dissolves.
3. While the tomato melts, cook gemelli or other pasta of choice.
4. Season the tomato business with oregano, basil, pepper.
5. Mix drained pasta with tomato business.
6. Serve over a plate of washed mesclun or other salad greens.
7. Add parsley, grating cheese, and/or nuts.
8. Mix it up! Eat it hard!


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