THIS IS TEACUBE. ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

21 September 2009


Behold! This is what happens when you unsuspectingly (or, you know, suspectingly) wander into the remaindered food aisle at TJ Maxx: you end up buying a massive teacube, containing 100 bags of green tea, for six dollars. Then you take it home to discover that the tea is not only subpar but also packaged individually, and not in paper, like any self-respecting Asian grocery bagged green tea, but in plastic.

So even though each of the individually wrapped tea bags cost you six cents, which is cheaper than nearly any prebagged tea on the market, and definitely cheaper than paying 75 cents on the street corner for a cup of coffee, the whole transaction is kind of crap. Every time you make a cup of tea you have to deal with a little sliver of plastic, the stuff you have eight assorted reusable shopping bags to eliminate. Then the tea itself is slightly stale and off. That's not surprising, considering that tea sold in bags is consistently lower quality than tea sold in leaf. Then consider that this tea was also REMAINDERED.

In conclusion, go to the food co-op and buy green tea in bulk instead.


management said...

This is the eternal issue.

Who decided that covering everything with plastic was sanitary anyhow? When I think about how much of our food is contaminated with plastic, it kind of freaks me out.

eileen said...

no kidding. I actually have a stack of corn-based containers that are meant to break down eventually instead of being plastic forever. those are nice. I wish I knew where to actually BUY more of them.