midNovember updateathon! ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

18 November 2009

midNovember updateathon!

Oh! I am here! Still very busy, but here. Hey.

Back from California, great times, ate at lots of lovely restaurants and hung out with lots of friends. We took our friend Heather to Vive Sol and blew her mind with cheese enchiladas del sol--one enchilada with mole sauce and sesame seeds and one with awesome creamy guajillo sauce and thinly sliced almonds. I even managed to cook in CA, largely because John had the foresight to get a hotel room with a kitchen. Yay kitchen! One night I sauteed baby zucchini and green beans and tiny eggplant with garlic and olive oil and squeezed lemon over a big bowl of them for dinner: YES.

Then the night before we left I made us awesome sandwiches to take on the plane! John got this awesome non-crumbly black pepper-encrusted parmesany cheese and radish and cucumber and lettuce on sourdough; I got liverwurst and cream cheese and radish and mushroom and lettuce also on sourdough. Also we had six apples. Also IT WAS THE BEST PLANE IDEA EVER. We got to the airport and ate sandwich one while hanging out at the gate and watching these two rambunctious yet shockingly well-behaved on the plane tiny little girls run up and down the window. Sandwich two was on the plane (John) or after we got back and fell down all over our lovely comforting apartment (me). I ate British candy from the elusive unavailable in NY Cost Plus World Market on the plane instead. Yeah!!

Now we are back and doing work and being responsible setting up my new home office. I work here now! In our house! Ha ha! Granted, setting up the office will be easier when I, uh, buy a desk, but still.

Soon I will settle into some kind of normal schedule and actually edit a handful of the pictures I keep taking. In the meantime, here is a story. Before I went to CA, I was all "I will be responsible and boil a pot of black beans to freeze, so we'll have immediate supplies when I get back!!" So I boiled them and ate some of them the day before. Everything was fine until--you know it--I totally forgot to put the remaining beans and broth in the freezer before I left. Great! Fermentation ahoy! In conclusion, I had an excellent time cleaning out the refrigerator yesterday, why do you ask?

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