Something's hiding in here! ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

29 November 2009

Something's hiding in here!

What is it what is it what is it what is it what is it?

This soup made me feel way better one night when I was starving and everything seemed like way too much work and it's all wrong and how can you expect me to get things done under these conditions!! In that situation you just need to shovel food into your gaping maw as fast as possible.

Hiding in the soup

olive oil
broth (veg/chicken)
fresh mint and parsley
maybe some sriracha

In a nice soup pan, warm some olive oil. Mince several cloves of garlic or a shallot and add the bits to the pan. Scrub and dice some carrot and add those to the pan as well. Cook for a few minutes to soften. In the meantime, you can shred some cabbage, shell some shrimp, and rip up a handful of mint and parsley. Ok?

When the onion and carrot are reasonably soft, add several cups of broth to the pan. We had several big blocks of frozen chicken stock, so I used that. Bring the business to a boil (melting big blocks of stock as necessary), then add a handful of cabbage and however many shrimp you want to eat. Simmer until the shrimp is done, about 3 minutes.

Put it in a bowl, add sriracha, mint, and parsley, and eat it eat it!


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