Deborah Madison would be proud ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

03 December 2009

Deborah Madison would be proud

I mean, maybe not about the green beans in December, but otherwise:

Green bean on toast

olive oil
a green olive or two
green beans
good bread and butter
parmesan/grating cheese
salt, pepper

Chop up a shallot and sauté in olive oil with a similarly chopped green olive or two. In the meantime, wash, top, tail, and chop the beans. Add beans to pan with a pinch of salt; cook until awesome.

Serve on buttered toast with grated parmesan (or whatever grating cheese, or no cheese, or toasty nuts) and pepper.

I recommend folding the bread in half for exciting (but potentially messy) green bean sandwich. It is an excellent breakfast.


management said...

Your posts make me so HUNGRY!!!

eileen said...

eat it! come on, do it! eat it more!