Delicious dumple ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

16 December 2009

Delicious dumple

Here's what happens when I need lunch badly:

1. Get veg dumplings and broth out of freezer.
2. Defrost/heat broth in pot; add a little nip of soy sauce, one of rice wine vinegar, and a slightly larger amount of sriracha sauce.
3. Fry dumplings in a little oil.
4. Chiffonade a couple leaves of cabbage; put in bowl.
5. Add cooked dumpings, hot soup, and maybe a little more sriracha.
6. Eat hot hot soup, wilty spicy cabbage, crusty delicious dumplings.

If only I froze my own huge batches of dumplings. That's going to have to happen one of these days. In the meantime, though, I live in New York. One of these days I have to actually go out to Flushing (or, you know, Chinatown) and buy a huge awesome bag of somebody's grandmother's frozen dumplings.

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