Table ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

07 December 2009


Now that I have a new desk the kitchen table suddenly looks like this. The computer does not live directly in front of the serious Brooklyn street window. Instead it is on the desk in my new office. I have a desk drawer for the first time since I moved out of my parents' house. I can open the curtains and not reveal my glistening hardware. I eat like this, on a table, with light.

Penne, fumé blanc

olive oil
green olive
dry vermouth
crushed tomato
salt, pepper
fresh basil, parsley
grating cheese
fumé blanc/other

Put the fumé blanc in the freezer. Put the water on to boil. Salt it.

In the sauté pan: crushed chopped garlic, sliced green olive. Deglaze with dry vermouth. Use fumé blanc if it's not in the freezer but already open.

Add tomato, salt, pepper. Cook.

Boil and drain penne. Put it in the pan with your sauce. Stir and let cook another minute.

Pick basil and parsley off your plants; rip up.

Taste for seasoning, put in bowl, grate cheese and scatter herbs.

Open fumé blanc; pour.


Jes said...

It is so liberating to move the computer from the table to a desk--I couldn't believe how much more relaxing eating was after it happened. And beautiful pasta!

eileen said...

yes, it definitely is! Thank you!