Taco taco tostada ~ Ham Pie Sandwiches

12 December 2009

Taco taco tostada

Oh man. Things are so busy.

I rediscovered the corn tortilla.

I first discovered how to toast corn tortillas over a gas burner from...Kim Gordon! in an issue of Sassy! Of course, then I didn't really apply that knowledge for another ten years, but still. Tortillas on the gas burner are one of the best ways to eat corn, especially corn and eggs.

To toast: turn on your gas burner to medium-high. Holding your tortilla in tongs (or in your fingers if you're quick), put it directly over the flame. Let toast about 20 seconds, then flip and repeat. It usually takes two flips to heat your tortilla through, four or five to get it completely crisp. Just take it off the heat whenever you're satisfied.

(If you have no gas burner, you can totally warm tortillas in a foil packet in the oven, or toast them in a frying pan.)

Now you can use the soft tortillas for tacos, and the crispy tortillas for tostadas. Yay!

I stuffed my tacos with scrambled eggs, red pepper, guajillo salsa, and massive amounts of cubed avocado. For my tostada, I spread sautéed onion and chopped green olive on one tortilla, then put a fried egg on another. Then I stacked them up, added a little shredded cheese and salsa, and put the whole business in a lidded frying pan to quickly melt the cheese.

Corn and eggs! Corn and eggs and tea!


J. said...

I remember that issue of Sassy SO WELL! Wow, I loved that magazine. Still have three years worth of issues archives at home.

eileen said...

Me too, on multiple counts! My archive goes from 1992 to the bitter end. Bonus: two issues of Dirt!