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23 March 2010

Deliciolous sandwich is deliciolous

Trying to make up realistic spellings for imaginary words is always interesting, especially if the combination of constructions you want occurs nowhere in the English language. It's a good thing I was teaching intensive reading and language expectations for almost five years, is all I'm saying.


Sesame bagel, cream cheese, red pepper, mushrooms, red chard leaves. If you used hummus instead of cream cheese, that would also work admirably, and be vegan into the bargain.


- It's really nice to buy fresh bagels from the bagel shop, take them home, saw them open, toast them just enough to warm them through, and then stuff them with everything in the vegetable drawer.
- Yes, I am including chard in approximately 80% of my food lately; why do you ask?
- Bagel sandwich is excellent with an old fashioned glass of pale ale.


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